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5 cases of Omicron variant confirmed in New York state: governor******


Spectators watch as the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is lit during a ceremony in New York on December 1, 2021.。

The state of New York has confirmed five cases of the coronavirus Omicron variant, Governor Kathy Hochul said on Thursday, bringing the total number of US detections of the new strain to eight.。

"New York State has confirmed five cases of the omicron variant," Hochul said in a Twitter post aimed at reassuring residents of the nation's fourth most populous state that the detections were not unexpected.。

"Let me be clear: This is not cause for alarm. We knew this variant was coming and we have the tools to stop the spread," she said.。

"Get your vaccine. Get your booster. Wear your mask."

It was not immediately clear whether the new cases were in or near New York City – the country's most populous metropolitan area – and whether they were detected in people who had recently returned from traveling outside the country.。

Eight cases have so far been confirmed in the United States, with at least one, in Minnesota, involving a person with no recent international travel history, signaling the strain is already circulating inside the country.。

Hochul's figures followed the announcement by President Joe Biden that he is bolstering his administration's campaign against COVID-19 as the winter takes hold.。

The new measures include requiring all inbound international travelers be tested within one day of flying, and an extension of mask mandates on public transportation through mid-March.。

奔驰维权女车主回应债务纠纷:漏洞百出 实在太无聊******








“@向奔驰女车主讨债的人”向南都记者表示,她承接了两笔供应商广告业务,合同是与徐某签的,“合同他们都不签自己的名字,盖的都是公司公章”, “她(薛某某)一直都在监督我们做事,开业也是她剪彩,她是监事”。该用户称,她只收到了第一笔合同的头款3万元,还有19.3万元尾款至今未收到。





官平本文来源:南方都市报 责任编辑:张宪超_NN9310

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Ukrainian president urges talks to end conflict with Russia******

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for negotiations aimed at resolving the conflict with Russia, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported Wednesday.

"The war must end. We must sit down at the negotiating table," Zelensky was quoted as saying.

The talks should be "honest, objective, in the interests of the people," he said in a video message on Tuesday night.

Ukrainian and Russian delegations have held three rounds of peace talks in Belarus since last week, though the negotiations ended without a significant breakthrough.

On Thursday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is set to meet his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, in Turkey.

(CIIE) China Focus: U.S. agricultural enterprises team up to tap Chinese market******

SHANGHAI, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) organized 13 member firms to participate in the ongoing fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE), scheduled in Shanghai from Nov. 5 to 10.。

This is the fourth consecutive year that the USSEC has participated in the expo. During this year's import expo, it held contract or agreement signing events online and offline for three U.S. companies, including CHS Inc., and four Chinese companies, including Jiusan Group.。

The number of U.S. exhibitors in the CIIE this year came in at some 200, a record number. Notably, U.S. agricultural companies are teaming up to tap the Chinese market.。

In the Food and Agricultural Products section of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the booths of USSEC, U.S. Grains Council, and USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council are concentrated in the same area, displaying various food and agricultural products.。

  "We provide services as our members need them," said Zhang Xiaoping, director of the Greater China Region, USSEC.。

The current U.S. soybean exports to China have emerged from a grim situation following the U.S.-initiated trade frictions, with the volume of U.S. soybean exports to China this year expected to exceed that of the last, Zhang noted.。

"As China's urbanization progresses and people who have been lifted out of poverty join the consumer force, there will be growing demands in the Chinese market, which indicates an excellent opportunity for U.S. agricultural companies," Zhang said.。

"Over the decades, we have built a close and mutually beneficial partnership with the Chinese industry, and there is no reason why this relationship should not be strengthened and expanded," Zhang added.。

This year is the first time the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council has participated in the CIIE. The association has more than 1,000 member companies, with customers spread across China.。

"Dry peas and lentils are rich in high-quality protein, dietary fiber and other nutrients. They provide more choices for Chinese consumers who pursue a healthy diet," said Lucy Dai, China Representative of USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council, adding that she looks forward to meeting more Chinese food companies and professionals through the expo.。

The U.S. State of Idaho has set up a booth at the expo. Tara Qu, chief representative of the China Office of the State of Idaho, said the state is promoting the products of a dairy company, a fruit farm and a dry bean firm at the expo.。

"Exports to China are important to our state. We want to continue to vigorously develop our economic and trade ties with China," Qu said, adding that she met dozens of Chinese importers at the expo.。

"The U.S.-China economic and trade cooperation is very important. The relationship cannot be broken and it will never be broken. With the improved living standards of Chinese consumers, we are confident about the market," Qu said.。

According to China's customs data, the total trade between China and the U.S. amounted to 3.95 trillion yuan (about 618 billion U.S. dollars) in the first 10 months of this year, up 23.4 percent year on year. Enditem。


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