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The adorable head tilt some dogs do is a sign they're concentrating and recalling information, a study found

Sometimes, when we talk to our canine companions, they tilt their heads adorably to one side.


Although a dog's quizzical head cock might suggest incredulity or confusion, the gesture could actually be a sign of concentration and increased attention, according to a study published last week.


Researchers investigated how well 40 dogs of various breeds could memorize the names for different toys, then recall that information in order to retrieve specific toys in response to their owners' commands. Most of the pups weren't able to learn the toy names, but seven border collies showed remarkable aptitude for the task.

研究人员调查了 40 只不同品种的狗狗记住不同玩具名称的能力,然后回忆这些信息以便根据主人的命令检索特定玩具。大多数幼犬无法记住玩具名称,但七只边境牧羊犬表现出了非凡的能力。

The scientists deemed that group "gifted word learners," and found that the seven collies had something in common: They all tilted their heads far more frequently than their non-gifted counterparts after hearing a command.


The data showed that the gifted learners tilted their heads 43% of the time, while the other 33 dogs did the gesture just 2% of the time.

数据显示,有天赋的狗狗有 43% 的时间会歪头,而其他 33 只狗狗只有 2% 的时间会做出这种姿势。

"It seems that there is a relationship between success in retrieving a named toy and frequent head tilts upon hearing its name," Shany Dror, an animal cognition researcher at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary who co-authored the study, said in a press release. "That is why we suggest an association between head-tilting and processing relevant and meaningful stimuli."

“似乎成功地根据玩具名称找到玩具与听到玩具名字时歪头之间存在联系。”该研究的合作者、匈牙利埃特沃斯洛兰大学的动物认知研究员 Shany Dror 在一份新闻稿中说,“这就是为什么我们建议将歪头与处理相关且有意义的刺激之间联系起来。”

This is the first study to examine head-tilting behavior in dogs, according to the study authors.


In the first of three experiments described in the study, the researchers asked 40 dog owners to test their pets once a month for three months. Each owner taught their dog the names of two toys, then asked the animal to fetch one from an adjacent room. The toys remained the same throughout the three months.

该研究进行了三个实验,在第一个实验中,研究人员要求 40 名狗主人在三个月内每月测试一次他们的宠物。每个主人都教他们的狗狗两个玩具的名字,然后让动物从相邻的房间拿一个。玩具在三个月内保持不变。

Only the seven collies that were able to learn the toys' names (the gifted learners) were included in the next experiment, though one died before it began. In that second experiment, owners tested the six remaining dogs in the same way over three months, but with up to 13 toys.

只有七只能够学会玩具名字的边牧(有天赋的学习者)被纳入下一个实验,尽管其中一只在实验开始之前就死了。在第二个实验中,主人在三个月内以同样的方式测试了剩下的六只狗,但最多不超过13 个玩具。

One of the collies, Whisky, brought the correct toy back 54 out of 59 times. Two others were successful more than 90% of the time. The other three had success rates of between 57% and 75%.

其中一只叫做威士忌的边牧,在 59 次实验中带回了 54 次正确的玩具。另外两个的成功率超过 90%。其他三个的成功率在 57% 到 75% 之间。

Then in a third experiment, the six gifted pups showed they could learn 12 new toy names in one week, then remember those names for at least two months.

在第三个实验中,六只有天赋的幼崽表明他们可以在一周内学习 12 个新的玩具名称,然后记住这些名称至少两个月。

"We know that dogs can easily learn words that are linked to actions, such as 'sit' or 'down.' But very few dogs can learn names of objects," Dror said.

“我们知道狗可以轻松地学习与动作相关的单词,例如‘坐’或‘坐下’。但是很少有狗可以学习物体的名称,” Dror 说。

Only the gifted dogs who performed well at the toy retrieval tasks consistently tilted their heads after hearing a verbal command. That led Dror's team to conclude that the gesture is related to collies' attempts to parse out the meaning of a word. The tilt could indicate that the collies are mentally matching a toy name that they hear to a visual image stored in their memories.

只有在玩具检索任务中表现出色的天才狗在听到口头命令后才会一直歪着头。这使得Dror 的团队得出结论,这个姿势与牧羊犬试图解析单词含义有关。这种歪头可能表明牧羊犬在心理上将他们听到的玩具名称与存储在他们记忆中的视觉图像相匹配。

Similar to the way humans are right or left handed, the gifted collies, too, tended to cock their heads to just one side or the other. Their favored side stayed the same across the three experiments, and the position of the dogs' owners in front of them did not influence the direction of the tilt.


"If a dog was a left tilter, it would stay a left tilter," Andrea Sommese, Dror's co-author and colleague, told Science.

“如果一只狗喜欢向左歪头,它就会一直向左歪头,” Dror 的合作者兼同事 Andrea Sommese 告诉《科学》杂志。

To the researchers, that consistency may be additional evidence that dogs tilt their heads when paying close attention to a task.


Although the study only looked at gifted border collies, the authors suggested that a talent for learning and remembering object names is not unique to that breed.


Dror said her group has also observed the skill in a German Shepherd, a Pekingese, and a mini Australian Shepherd. A study from earlier this year also identified a Yorkshire Terrier that rivaled Whisky's success.

Dror 说,她的小组还在德国牧羊犬、北京犬和迷你澳大利亚牧羊犬身上观察到了这种技能。今年早些时候的一项研究还确定了一种可以与威士忌相媲美的约克夏犬。

真我手表 T1 图赏:realme 的首款智能手表,这配色爱了******摘要

终于,realme 手机用户有了「自家」的手表可选。

智能手表「玩家」中,手机厂商的活跃度明显要来得更高一些。智能手表自身的工作属性决定了,手机厂商要比第三方更容易做出好用的产品。同时,随着几家头部企业逐渐走完「教育用户」这一步,市场成熟度也已经没啥问题。现在,realme 终于带来了自家首款智能手表:真我手表 T1。

对于厂商们来说,做手表本身其实没有太高技术门槛,但首款产品的产品形态如何选择,其实是有讲究的。之前我们在很多文章中也提到过,通常方形手表更偏向智能化体验,圆形则相对容易被更多人所接受。和很多厂商一样,真我手表 T1 选择了圆形方案。


规格参数上,真我手表 T1 配备了一块 1.3 英寸 AMOLED 屏,416×416 像素分辨率,最高亮度能够达到 500nit。实际看上去,它的画面足够细腻,色彩表现也很棒,开启自动亮度调节后,即便户外环境使用,依旧能提供很清楚的显示效果。

很多智能手表有的息屏显示功能,真我手表 T1 也没有落下。可能是考虑到续航问题,默认情况下手表的息屏显示功能处于关闭状态,需要手动开启。至于开启息屏显示对续航的影响,更多还是要看个人使用习惯。个人而言,开启之后会方便很多。

手表中框用的是 316L 不锈钢金属材质,有着很棒的硬度以及耐腐蚀性,加之 realme 对其做了高亮处理,对于提升手表精致性多多少少也有帮助。从上图可以清楚看到,它一共设置有两枚物理按键,用来打开功能菜单或者实现返回等操作(按键上的绿色饰条很 OPPO……)。

论玩颜色,realme 是手机厂商中很有心得的一个。这次 realme 一共为真我手表 T1 准备了黑薄荷、橄榄绿、活力黑三种配色,文章中展示的是黑薄荷版本,也是几个配色版本中最「骚气」的一个。

它的表带颜色效果和前几天发布的黑薄荷版真我 GT Neo2 保持一致,属于饱和度很高的翠绿色,给人感觉非常特别。表带设计也很有意思,除了诸如透气孔之外,realme 在表带左右两侧均增加了软质凸起结构,佩戴时,能进一步增加手表和手腕之间的贴合度。

手表本身重量为 37.5 克,算上表带为 54.72 克,实际戴在上手比较轻便。不过硅胶材质表带普遍存在的一个问题是,材质柔软性很容易受环境温度影响,随着北方天气逐渐转凉,室外佩戴舒适性不如室内来得那么好。考虑到其采用了快拆设计,后期如果能提供多样化可选项就更好了。

硬件配置方面,真我手表 T1 同样采用了类似 OPPO Watch 一样的双芯策略,其中 ST32 作为性能芯片,用来保证整体性能表现,而 Apollo3 芯片则可以处理一些低功耗场景,两颗芯片组合在一起,能够让手表很好保证性能和功能之间的平衡性。

健康监测功能主要由 MTK6670 传感器来完成,在它的支持下,手表具备 24 小时连续心率监测能力(可以根据自己实际需要手动开启),你可以通过折线图清楚了解到自己不同时间段的心率变化情况。尽管是 realme 在国内的首款智能手表,连续血氧监测功能也没有落下。

压力监测功能同样出现在了这款手表上,手表能根据检测到的心率变异性数据追踪用户压力数值,并且给出提醒。值得一提的是,真我手表 T1 内置有独立通信芯片,允许进行蓝牙通话。这项功能本身并不稀奇,但在同价位产品中,它是极少数能做到这一点的智能手表。

运动部分,真我手表 T1 内置有 9 轴运动传感器,支持 GPS、GLONASS、Galileo、北斗 4 星定位系统以及 5ATM 防水。运动功能很齐全,包括室内跑步、室外跑步、马拉松跑步、室内骑行、户外健走、泳池游泳等在内,内置 110 种运动模式,足够满足大多数人的使用需求。

这款手表也支持多功能 NFC,可以直接用手表刷公交、门禁卡,同时支持支付宝扫码支付。除了以上我们提到的这些,其它诸如遥控拍照、计时器、秒表、闹钟、天气、查找手机、气压高度计、指南针等等目前智能手表应该有的功能,你都能在真我手表 T1 上找到。

至于大家比较关注的续航上,真我 T1 的电池容量为 228mAh,匹配磁吸式快充,35 分钟大概能充到 90% 电量。正常使用情况下,最长续航时间大概在 7 天左右,像我这样将所有功能全打开的情况下,大概一周两充,属于目前智能手表中比较靠前的水平。

总的来说,虽然 realme 入局算是比较晚的一个,但真我手表 T1 的整体表现其实要比我想象中来得成熟很多,无论功能丰富程度还是可用性方面,都没啥问题,不必担心成为「小白鼠」。真我手表 T1 价格为 699 元,realme 手机用户的不二之选,配其它手机用也不错。

真我手表 T1realme 手表realme 真我 T1

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Three sliders tie for World Cup skeleton win******

VIENNA, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) -- Geng Wenqiang won China's first World Cup skeleton gold on Friday in a race where three sliders unprecedentedly tied for the top spot.。

Geng, Britain's Matt Weston and Germany's Christopher Grotheer all finished two runs in one minute, 46.04 seconds.。

This is the first time that a World Cup skeleton race saw a three-way tie for the win since the sport was added to the circuit in 1986. Enditem。

German sliders win 2******

BEIJING, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Laura Nolte partnered with Deborah Levi to win Tuesday's two-woman bobsleigh test event here ahead of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

The German duo finished two runs in 2 minutes, 04.99 seconds, followed by compatriots Mariama Jamanka and Vanessa Mark, the Pyeongchang 2018 gold medalists, in 2:05.21.

Christine de Bruin and Kristen Bujnowski of Canada finished third in 2:05.38. Enditem


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