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FC Bayern signs Chinese goalkeeper Liu Shaoziyang******

MUNICH, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- FC Bayern on Thursday announced the signing of Chinese goalkeeper Liu Shaoziyang for its youth team.。

Liu, 18, is from Bayern's Chinese affiliate club FC Wuhan Three Towns, and has signed a contract with the German giants until June 2025.。

The 1.90-metre-tall Liu is currently living at the FC Bayern campus, training with Bayern's U-19 side and occasionally with the reserve team at Sabener Strasse.。

"It's a great honor that one of the biggest clubs in the world has given me this once-in-a-lifetime chance. FC Bayern has many fans in my homeland. I'm incredibly proud and happy," said Liu, who is already working with goalkeeping coach Tom Starke and taking regular German lessons.。

FC Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn hailed Liu's transfer as a result of the relationship between Bayern and Wuhan.。

"We're delighted to have signed our first player from partner club Wuhan Three Towns. This transfer is an advert for our network in China, which we have built up over recent years together with our staff at our office in Shanghai, as well as our partners across the region," said Kahn.。

Jochen Sauer, head of FC Bayern's youth team, said he sees Liu as a player with great potential.。

"Liu has been training with us as a trialist at the FC Bayern campus for a while now and he's progressed very well. We see further potential in him, which is why we've completed this signing and are pleased to be able to present the first Chinese player for FC Bayern," said Sauer. Enditem。

Foreign trade of China's Shanxi up 69 pct in Jan******

TAIYUAN, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- Imports and exports of north China's Shanxi Province totaled 187.6 billion yuan (about 29.4 billion U.S. dollars) between January and October this year, up 69.2 percent compared with the same period last year, Taiyuan customs said Tuesday.。

Exports of the province during the period reached nearly 115 billion yuan, up 78.2 percent, and imports totaled 72.7 billion yuan, up 56.8 percent.。

Private enterprises performed outstandingly, with the total imports and exports reaching nearly 64.6 billion yuan, up 175 percent, according to the customs.。

From January to October, the top three trading partners of Shanxi were the United States, Japan and ASEAN, with import and export values of 34.3 billion yuan, 22.5 billion yuan and 19.5 billion yuan respectively.。

The province's import and export to countries along the Belt and Road reached 39.7 billion yuan, up 49.3 percent year on year.。

Main export products during the period included medical materials and medicines, clothing and accessories, solar cells, coke and coal. Enditem。

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西安一骑手回绝转入站点后离职 饿了么,美团外卖账户陆续被拉黑******\







  过后向服务平台举报,被告之必须 找站长,数次和站长及责任人沟通交流,但难题一直沒有处理。沟通交流环节中刘先生等表明,“转不转企业大家的薪水都没啥转变 ,自身大家的合同书也是跟企业签的,仅仅转了以后,企业就无需付抽成了。如今账号被永久性关掉,找责任人,他也不会认可以前找大家谈转企业的事。”。










  华商报新闻记者 佘欣/文 强国/图。



Vale Wilbur Smith: Author extraordinaire******

Internationally acclaimed author Wilbur Smith died at his home in South Africa on Saturday after a decades-long career in writing, his office said. He was 88.。

With 49 titles under his belt, Smith became a household name, his swashbuckling adventure stories taking readers from tropical islands to the jungles of Africa and even Ancient Egypt and World War II.。

"Global bestselling author Wilbur Smith died unexpectedly this afternoon at his Cape Town home after a morning of reading and writing with his wife Niso by his side," said a statement released on the Wilbur Smith Books website as well as by his publishers Bonnier Books UK.。

"The undisputed and inimitable master of adventure writing, Wilbur Smith's novels have gripped readers for over half a century, selling over 140 million copies worldwide in more than thirty languages."

The statements did not reveal the cause of death.。

His 1964 debut novel "When the Lion Feeds," the tale of a young man growing up on a South African cattle ranch, became an instant bestseller and led to 15 sequels, tracing an ambitious family's fortunes for more than 200 years.。

Born in Zambia in 1933 to a British family, he was also a big game hunter, having grown up experiencing the forest, hills and savannah of Africa on his parents' ranch.。

He also held a pilot's licence and was a scuba diver.。

As a conservationist, he managed his own game reserve and owned a tropical island in the Seychelles.。

He credited his mother with teaching him to love nature and reading, while his father -- a strict disciplinarian -- gave him a rifle at the age of eight, the start of what he acknowledged was a lifelong love affair with firearms and hunting.。

He contracted cerebral malaria when he was just one-year-and-half – an ailment so serious there were fears he would be brain damaged if he survived.。

"It probably helped me because I think you have to be slightly crazy to try to earn a living from writing," he later reflected.。

His bestselling "Courtney Series" was the longest running in publishing history, spanning generations and three centuries, "through critical periods from the dawn of colonial Africa to the American Civil War, and to the apartheid era in South Africa," said his publisher.。

But it was with Taita, the hero of his "Egyptian Series," that Wilbur "most strongly identified, and River God remains one of his best-loved novels to this day."

He also used his vast experiences outside of Africa in places like Switzerland and rural Russia to help create his fictional worlds.。



2.克里米亚地区俄空军基地爆炸 乌方:俄损失惨重



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